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Why Positive?

Deciding why you are positive.

Put on positive.

Now up the energy.

Positive is power.

More positivity equals more power.

Visualize joyful and grateful before sleep.

Visualize and say joyful and grateful all day.

If I am positive any negativity gets also positive or gets deflected.

If I am negative any negativity recognizes me as one of theirs.

I have sunshine inside me.

I am the son of the almighty God.

In Jesus’ name I pray.

My big dreams are snacking on my smaller dreams.

I have struck it rich inside of God’s name.

Positive powers my production.

This show is playing with the acts that are building towards a grand finale.

You’ve all your powers to play with today.

I have a direct line to God.

I’m calling in to say that I am acknowledging God has made everything.

I am trying to work in concert with God on my part of God’s plan.

What is God’s perspective?

What does God want from me?

I am God’s child all day today.

I am positive.

I am joyful & grateful.

My dreams are glad to be coming true.

All my dreams have become plans.

I will conjure up wealth with good habits.

Dreams like a positive plan of action.

Happiness is a habit.

Take your happiness and get some more.

Life now is a present for you.

The power of prayer is ever present.

You can always pray.

We are all wealthy in prayer power.

We are all God’s personal soldiers.

Outfit life for the work you want.

Have all that you can handle.

Laughs fall over from my jokes.

Calm is cool to clever.

Goodness is great to give.

More positive is inherently worth more.

Positive is a powerful plus.

Positive player playing powerful.

Laughter is the winner at the party.

Your happy place is ready for you.

Dancing to music my heart is playing.

Positivity is your free power source.

Positivity makes money like bees make honey.

May positivity roll the numbers on your dice.

The money maker you are making is yourself.

We make magic easily and cool spells with words.

More calm is more strong and still positive is more powerful.

Positive is power.

Today is positive for tomorrow.

Look for the clues God left for you.

Are you cool with God today?

Dreams must be positive to become reality.

Startings are positive.

Finishings are positive.

Loving today is positive.

Thank God that you are joyful & grateful.

Celebration is a channel for fortune.

Celebration is sharing love together.

Love is positive.

Train your brain to play positive

Today is a positive present.

You have your golden ticket to today.

How powerful is your positivity today?

What kind of day do you want today?

Prioritize your powers.

Plan the actions with grace and conviction.

Music and dance bounce today to party.

Laughter is a welcome guest at the party.

Positive are the party people.

Positive looks better.

Positive feels better.

Positive loves better.

Positive is energy that is fun to play with.

Positive is the right routine.

Money doesn’t follow negativity.

You have to be positive for positive people to see you.

Positivity is your partner today.

I am happier than I have ever been.

I am joyful & grateful.

My song is sung with love.

If this thing is positive then the next thing is probably positive too.

My smile is loving the fun times.

My smile is a light I shine on here & now.

My smile is holding back the laughs.

Positive is your guest hot at the soiree.

Positive is your pal when running errands.

Honor is my business.

Today is my business.

Everything is important.

Peace and calm bring more power to you.

Practice peace and calm.

Performance plays on positive.

Live positive and die happy.

Positive invents your solutions.

Positivity is mastered through repetition.

Positive wins your game.

Positive did not lose your game.

How you feel is irrelevant to the project.

Your players are plan, action & budget.

Plan, action, time, money.

The songs we sing are lyrics and melody.

I laugh at my jokes whenever I get them.

Having a great day today counts.

Give yourself credit . . .

Great days get stars on the calendar.

My calendar would be covered in stars.

All my days are great days.

Stars are bright that are looked upon.

The more we realize we are stars the more stars realize they are us.

The powers of the hour on your tower.

Positive is our time planner.

Happy wins the day.

Captain Time Travel.

Commander magical.

Admiral Avatar.

Time will not be short changed on action or planning.

Opportunity dances with potential.

How awesome are you?

Nature rewards positivity.

Trust your best.

How high is your sky?

Designated victory.

Days of greatness smile for miles.

Fly your day at your favorite elevation.

Small steps toward big victories.

Positivity is the pioneer of progress.

All my dreams are working on their plans.

Time is best spent on a plan.

Everything prospers in it’s time.

I’ve got the pieces to play in the game.

Success is not short changed by action.

Do what you love & what you love does you.

Get the going better and faster.

Everyday I am a champion..

Taking the vibration higher.

Rejoice your best day so far.

Calm evenings rest after a productive day.

Because dance steps follow the music.

More difficult to step on dancing feet.

Positivity invented success.

Positivity solved the case.

Positivity built an empire.

Dreams come true at Positivity School.

Positivity is fun.

Who would be negative on purpose?

Perhaps some might get lost and fall into negative thinking.

I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.

That is establishing and maintaining negativity as reality.

Making quality decisions is my business.

Appreciate what you see like you’re in your grave.

God is calling, are you taking the call?

Know when you are positive.

Practice the power of positivity.

Spirits are high on positivity.

When what you don’t have is positive about what you do have.

Your ideas belong on the page.

Your power is in the positivity of your plan.

Every day brings fresh positive plans.

Every plan gets a fresh positive push.

Dream it, plan it, practice it, please it.

Positivity fueled invention.

Prosperity follows your positivity.

Your happy home is positive.

Your happy soul is positive.

Your happy relationship is positive.

The time is now to be positive.

Positivity wins the dance contest.

Positivity solves the mystery.

Positivity takes your energy higher.

We reflect our calm positivity.

Positivity makes more love.

Practicing positivity makes the master.

Is it really just ask and receive?

Positivity is equal to success.

Family business is positive.

Morning songs are positive.

Positive questions get answered.

Time is better spent positively.

How is positivity related to opportunity?

Positivity turns problems into opportunities.

Production is a function.

Positivity is dream production.

Love dreams positivity.

Dressing in fashion is positivity.

Fashion accouterments style your positivity.

Give your positivity a name, Joy!

Love your joy.

Enjoy your joy.

Happy smiles only on my face.

My thoughts are positive or rejected.

Even lazy dreams prosper in positivity.

Positivity keeps the energy.

Positivity is comfy as Christmas.

Fun positivity has favorites.

Rainy days drizzle positivity.

Your worth is worthy.

Dreams becoming real allow reality to become dreams.

Reality is perception.

Positivity turns the world around.

Positivity is your shield, your armor.

Plans playing in and playing out.

Plans invented positivity.

Positivity loves love.

Positivity puts our next step on.

Positive thoughts plan better.

Positive thoughts make more positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts master the moment.

Thrill so sublime.

Live to win in the moment.

Smile on the wave to success.

Better energy everyday.

Best skill is learning new skills.

Every moment arrives with a question, “Can you stay positive now?”.

Stay positive at a certain point.

Define your positive bubble.

Design your positive armor.

Dance to your positive song.

High fliers like high altitude.

The music is better with positivity.

High fliers.

Happy about their height.

High fliers know to keep on going.

Wishes wait for enough.

Wanting is satisfied.

Wishes have a practical accomplishment list to follow.

Wishes get real with impossible becoming possible as reality is dreamlike.

Accomplishments aiding the following accomplishments.

Start your direction.

Smile in that direction.

Dance into that direction.

Good ideas are my game.

I keep thinking up new ones.

The world turns around into the direction that we sail.

With love in our hearts.

We set sail across an ocean of positivity floating funny.

Our stars are in the cars.

Giving thanks for everything.

I love that everything is perfect.

Honor the value of your time.

Walking on positivity.

Time is a cup that you fill.

Tomorrow will be ready by today.

What does the conflict between positive and negative teach us?

Cool in a pool of jewels.

Outer space is my new normal.

Time machine me to a happier me.

From now on everything is sweeping along with me to my fortune.

Your time machine sent you here to add star power making enthusiasm.

Follow your stars to Heaven.

Warm to the sun inside yourself.

Romance is in your dance.

Winning is in our grinning.

Take charge of the moment.

Master everything we do.

I like my time positively.

Serve me positivity.

Win again with a grin.

Cool is clever phone pics.

Made the day a perfect play.

Life is celebrating accomplishments.

Party your wins into winning.

Your past is your foundation for your future.

In order to see your future just look at yourself and at how you spend your time.

What level of seriousness do you maintain?

How intense is your time?

How involved are you at the moment?

Reality is rich and rich is reality.

Despite losses you are still here.

Looking good is awesome.

You are winning your game.

You are writing down your gems.

Personalize your story.

Prepared for the worst does not mean expecting the worst.

Happy your holidays.

Happiness is how we have it.

Happily is how we laugh at our shenanigans.

Every moment gets my best.

Do you have your work prepared?

Christmas is everyday, except when it is Halloween.

Command a daily win.

Have a routine to fine tune.

Prime time is the project zone.

Life dances to the song you are singing.

Roses around us are red and pink.

Dreams are reality and reality is a dream.

Every night is Christmas eve.

Have in Jesus’ name type of anticipation.

Create great or else.

A-game all day.

I have a superhero suit with a cape and a mask.

I am the best version of myself.

Roses bloom and so do we.

Play time is my time and is the right time.

I am always with the holy spirit.

Negativeness is not fun.

Negativeness is not cool.

Negativeness is not flirting.

Bring your best or stay home.

Happiness follows positivity

Are you in control here and now?

Winning is for winners.

Bet on yourself in this crazy crap game.

The most we have is everything.

Everything needed to start is here.

Bask in the light that you turn on.

Start up and stay up.

Be up on your day and let it take you places.

Bring forward the positive from the past.

Do you know when you are ready to launch?

Look into your life to find God.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to show your secret agent style.

What is the schedule for today?

Use your imagination and play with positivity.

Making decisions is free and we are wealthy with the opportunities to make our own decisions.

Positive is a play and negativity is a subtraction.

Negativity is a lie and positivity is the truth.

Positive is a dream and negative is a nightmare.

Does removing negativity then make room for positivity?

Glam style for a while and shine your light on today.

Which day are you having today?

Look at lists and prioritize projects.

Whistle while you work.

This is what building your empire looks like.

You’ve got all the necessary choices to make.

Today is your present here for you to open.

The long road means you have your moves down & you can just keep fine tuning yourself.

There’s a twinkle in your eye.

Why does the dawn shine it’s light on today?

Why does the sunset melt into colored sky art?

Meditation is healing and productive to our souls.

I love it, now keep the roll going.

You are the royalty of your kingdom, so how do you rule?

I am the king of lemons squeezed into lemonade.

The best just got even better.

- Matthew Mitchell

©Mad-Hell Productions 2021



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