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Thought Control

How long can I laugh?

How many laughs can I have?

How do I have happiness?

Only happy thoughts are allowed.

Smiles get happiness.

Is today itself a treasure?

Get happy and stay happy.

Life is a party.

Jokes are helpful as playful banter and punchlines drop into laughter.

It is okay to just clear out the confusion.

In the considerations of the mind the quality thoughts are of value.

Control is golden. (I bounce along on a laugh track.)

Convictions command the impulses stay on a track of principles.

The fires in the soul is where ideas spring forth.

Each thought is the center of the universe.

Drawing from the thought bank.

Faster focus. (Breathe in joy & breathe out love.)

Shopping for the best thoughts.

Channel in the best visuals.

Make all the thoughts really what I want.

Don't necessarily have to just accept the thoughts that come along.

Better thoughts are flying in.

Better thoughts are flowering.

Famous land has a beach of crashing waves over & waist deep struggles ripple to tidal waves.

How to get back to happy?

The world is a picture that changes for us.

The master of laughter.

Change my subconscious with positive affirmations.

New neuro pathways.

How do I react to the world?

When it is going good don't get too excited and when it is going badly don't get too excited either.

Don't take the swing.

It is not bad and it is not good, it is what it is.

Anticipation disappoints most of the time.

This is all a collection of experiences.

Judgement creates good and bad.

Reach inside my mind for the ultimate truth.

I am, myself, the vastness of infinite-everything.

My soul is just on the other side of my thoughts – doing the whispering into my consciousness.

Are these ideas worthy of me?

Thoughts & ideas with heroes & villains.

I am alive and that is magical.

Is this that?

Get up and stay up.

Life is a dream and thoughts are a fine tuning.

It is thoughts that paint reality.

Are my thoughts useful?

How do my thoughts behave?

Focus on my dreams becoming reality.

An impulse is an invitation to follow down a big slide into the deep end of that thought pool.

Keep my hands on the steering wheel of my mind and drive my attention on toward my convictions.

Because the quality of my thoughts reverberate out to everything everywhere.

New thoughts are being happy.

Teach me to calm down & focus.

Oh look, I have brought new thoughts around.

Rework my thoughts.

Thoughts made better.

Focus on the fire in my soul.

Strengths & weakness are interconnected, where I overcome weakness is where I build my strength.

Without weakness then strength would just be called normal.

I have found my joy flow.

Going from bad thoughts to good thoughts.

Just let the bad thoughts pass by.

How high is my standard?

Thundercloud of thinking.

Thought monster ate up all the happy.

Thought products of powerful ideas.

Thought Factory is thinking in my head.

Thoughts make more money.

Mastering the mind is the most important.

What about my own treasures?

I appreciate that everything is perfect.

Are thoughts all I get?

What are the thoughts that I want?

Choose bad or good.

Better to forgive faster.

Will my best pass the test?

How do I return to my own divinity?

Am I obsessed in the perfecting of myself?

Everything around is there for a reason, to serve as a part of the lessons of life.

Outside is only a reflection of inside.

Am I a good person?

When I look at darkness it gets inside of me, I should face only the light.

Immorality obscures the clarity of convictions.

Good or bad or unaware?

If I want to learn then the world will teach me.

May I face well the challenges of my destiny.

Do I know who I want to become?

Who will win, my angels or my demons?

Safety is in studies.

What is my greatest contribution?

Good thoughts are their own reward.

Mistakes are a betrayal of honor.

What are the most important actions I should take today?

Best to keep the bad thoughts together in a bunch.

I don't like to mix my bad thoughts in w/ my good thoughts.

Or else living at the top of human possibility.

Where I may choose what to dwell on.

Goodness becomes an even greater reward.

The good vibration resounds.

Thoughts are things.

I am attracting to myself exactly equal to my vibration and thought quality.

As I mind my manners.

I show my faith.

I celebrate a great day.

I challenge my convictions.

Where is my wisdom of wonder?

I have my holiday today.

The world is as reflected in my mind.

I must conquer myself.

All of this is a triumph of my time.

If age makes me wise then I am every day wiser.

Each day arrives to test the convictions of my soul.

Directing my part in this play.

I have made a constructured mentality.

God gave us all a project to work on, so, I am creating my own person.

This isn't about education or intelligence, this is about integrity and principle.

The movie of my life is playing in my mind.

I am still working on my craft.

I am outside myself examining my insides . . . my motives and intentions.

Beware the powers of influences.

Have I had a sacred moment?

As all of my ancestors stand in judgement of my actions.

How many ideas are in my head?

I am dying to live.

How much goodness will I make?

Do I serve day or night?

I appreciate fully all I have and I resonate gratitude.

Does the goodness in myself extend all the way back to God?

Aren't I answerable to God in my duty?

These times call to my greatest efforts and actions.

The give and take of myself and the moment.

Ask myself – what would my parents do?

The perfection of my purpose is pressing.

Every interaction with the infinite leaves a trace.

Destiny is just up ahead in the company of tomorrow.

If thoughts are my only treasure then how do I treat my thinking?

Fantastic miracles are possible by me with my thoughts, dependent upon the sincerity of my belief.

Am I thinking old ways or new ways?

My work just means having more fun.

What do I tell myself?

Only the happy thoughts really count.

Good thoughts are on stand by, at the ready.

Bad is not good.

I will be a super nova.

Do not allow myself to get upset.

Sometimes I would like to forget faster.

Let the past pass and let now wow.

My own God thoughts.

Make my place in the times and create my destiny.

I am just kicking some ideas around.

Giving my shadow a really good reason to follow.

I might relax and just let life go on.

The meaning of life is a punchline.

Is my happiness hinged upon someone else's happiness?

While I smile the world rolls around me.

I should think about my feelings.

I am keeping all my thoughts on track.

There is so much to stay in control of – thoughts & feelings are among the most important.

I will find my heroes to emulate.

I will train my brain.

What are the benefits of thinking better?

Time is here to strengthen my convictions.

I will perfect my super powers.

I reflect light upon the darkness.

My virtues and principles make me a good person.

What is my life's mission?

My mind is an association machine.

Life will still test my best.

The treasure trove of the better thoughts and ideas are buried in the pages of books.

Aren't I someone worth having?

I have been dealt aces with a couple of duces, not aces and eights, that's a dead man's hand.

For a moment I realize why I am alive.

A revelation is a gift from God meant specifically for me at this time.

Go ahead, put my sizzle on it.

What's my folly if I express again an irrational joyousness.

Digging away the doubt from out of my subconscious.

I have too many moods to put them back into a box.

Create a sanctuary in my mind and then visualize myself or my soul going there to meditate in peace.

I am going to love it all and love it all more and more.

Look at all the dreams that have already come true.

Reality is in constant denial of my destiny and acting against it.

My dreams have to believe themselves into reality while ignoring what already is.

Creating my dreams coming true is as easy as I believe it is.

That's right – I'm right.

I revisit a set of good thoughts.

I am always ready with a better set of thoughts to think.

I am playing the game outside the box and with my own rules.

I have decided to love as much about life as I can.

I've got God in my thoughts as my shield and armor.

I have now as a wow, a present to unwrap and have.

The deal with creation is that it is everything or nothing.

Not half of everything or half of nothing.

Everything or nothing, which do I pick?

If I pick everything then I have to contend with everything.

Everything is going to be there, so contend with that.

Now here comes the value of my principles, convictions and honor.

My own is a constant observance and correcting of myself . . . and forgiving myself too.

I am making a new happiness.

I have the best winning visualizations.

Guess what . . . Heaven or Hell are already here and they are in my head.

How do I have the good that I should?

How can I master my emotions?

How can my feelings be an inspiration to continue in the right direction?

Happy goodness is echoing in my being.

I have the most perfect thoughts.

Should I count my blessings?

What is the best that I say to myself?

All I do now is in front of myself – myself from the past.

I will be like the trees in tranquility.

I will be like the breeze, cool & carefree.

I will be like the leaves by letting go and falling into destiny.

I am the flag waving at the world.

Love is like my own heart, steady & reliable.

Love is a promise I keep forever.

Love is a kiss that is shared.

Perhaps I may play with the power of prayer.

I do wander with the wonder of walking.

What does God want me to think about?

Just my regular special.

I can always redirect a train of thought.

I find myself joyful & grateful.

Then I acknowledge myself, there, as joyful & grateful.

So whenever I am emotionally away from joyful & grateful I can find my way back.

What percentage of my life have I spent on which activities?

What are these times asking of me?

I put my heart in my head and my brains in my belly.

I am adding and subtracting from my thoughts until they equal my convictions.

Stop bad thoughts and start good thoughts.

Look at the world through Jesus Christ's eyes.

There is sunshine in my center.

How many decisions have I made myself?

Decisions are power.

Can I call God for a reset?

I have taken the demons out of my heart and put them elsewhere.

I see my mistakes dissipating in the shadows and my improvements shining in the light.

Each moment is made to be taken to its highest place.

Life is at the nines and tingling with excitement.

My mindset determines my life.

How does greatness get there?

Electricity and chemicals are the spark of an impulse followed by considerations . . .

but reason must prevail intention and only actions be in accord with principles and convictions.

I want to not ever make any more mistakes.

Treat bad thoughts like mere possible hallucinations.

I have been wandering around attempting to find my right mind.

Rejoice at the lessons everywhere.

Why can't I be better?

Bury the guilt of imperfections and shine light into the darkness and make a place in my mind for God.

Bad is good because bad is an opportunity to make good with the added benefit of a lesson learned.

I am haunted by the unwanted.

If I keep working on this puzzle of mine then one day I will figure myself out.

Today stands still as the world turns around inside of me.

My drive has arrived, (realize my happiness).

Why am I the way that I am?

Careful that my shadow doesn't fall to inside of me.

I am going to shape up my brain.

I must be worthy of being fully looked upon.

The amount of the light of Jesus Christ that is working for my benefit inside me is exactly equal to the amount of the light of Jesus Christ that is actually there inside of me.

I am in the business of my own betterment.

I am quietly a superhero on the inside.

Got God thoughts?

Can I make a move without making a mistake?

Oh holy super powers with the high stakes of risking such a perilous life and death.

Life doesn't have gray areas, life is good or bad, right or wrong.

I must mind my own business.

I am to practice my thinking.

When I think – I think of you.

Matthew Mitchell

©Mad-Hell Productions 2022



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